During 18 months, Maud Nycander filmed a closed psychiatric ward at the St Göran hospital in Stockholm. A documentary offering unique insights into psychiatric care.

“Maud Nycander’s film on a closed psychiatric ward is worth intent viewing. The film relays a wholesome confidence to us all. Outstanding.”
Johan Croneman, Dagens Nyheter
“Sometimes there appears documentaries that make you see your country and your environment in new ways. Films capturing how ‘the great melancholy comes rolling in’ and spreads like boulder-ridges in the collective Swedish subconscious. You might talk of a ‘before’ and an ‘after´the appearance of these documentaries. Having seen it, nobody forgets Maud Nycander’s ‘Closed psychiatric ward’ ”.
Jan Gradvall, Dagens Industri

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Closed Psychiatric Ward

Original Title:

Sluten avdelning



Year of Production;


Directed by:

Maud Nycander


Maud Nycander


Nycander, Martina Iveros


Eva Hillström


Sebastian Öberg

Project manager:

Charlotte Hellström SVT

Produced by:

Maud Nycander Film


Nominated to Prix Egalia 2011
Psykiatrifondens kulturpris 2010
Nominated to TV-kristallen 2010
Nomiated to Stora Journalistpriset 2010

International distribution:

SVT sales – paulette.olofson@svt.se

DVD distribution for institution:

The Flock