Loved Husby

In the early 90's, the hiphop was spread in Sweden's suburbs. Teenagers identify themselfes with the new subculture from the Bronx and Harlem. Soledad, Mattias, Bahar, Facundo and Josselin were born in 1976 and were the first generation of young people that grow up in Husby. Their unlikely life stories unfold alternated with input from our early hiphop artists, The Latin Kings, Ken, Petter, Infinite Mass and others. Students in Husby about the documentary: "I have learned that I can become anything".

Original Title:

Älskade Husby


TV series 2 x 58 min

Year of Production:


Directed by:

Maud Nycander, Marianne Gustavsson

Produced by:

SVT and Maud Nycander Film AB


Johan Palmgren, Sven Ranelf


Mattias Johansson



Project manager:

Charlotte Hellström SVT