Finally Monday

A part of the SVT series "Kneg". The film is a tribute to the everyday heroes at Danderyd's hospital: the caretakers, the receptionists, the garbage collectors, the bed transporters… A story about hard work, job satisfaction and a seagull that has broken its leg.

“Take a break and watch SVT's short films in the series "Kneg". Rarely have I seen such a successful venture on short documentaries. It's all about work, and there's a lot of love too.”
Johan Croneman Dagens Nyheter

Original Title:

Äntligen måndag


Short film 16 min

Year of Production:


Directed by:

Maud Nycander

Produced by:

SVT and Maud Nycander Film AB


Ellinor Hallin


Simon Carlgren, Kersti Grunditz-Brennan


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