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Olof Palme was openly shot to death on a February evening 1986 on the streets of Stockholm. In one night, the country of Sweden was transfigured. The film "Palme" is about his life, his time, and about the Sweden he created. About a man who altered history. "Palme" broke all box office records for a Swedish documentary upon it’s release in mid-September 2012. It became a docu blockbuster and surpassed 240 000 admissions in Sweden, making it the strongest theatrical run for a Swedish doc in over 30 years. In Norway, Finland and Denmark and more than 3,7 million viewers in total for the TV-series broadcasted on Swedish Television. In January 2013 it was awarded two Guldbagge's for Best Editing and Best Score.

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Feature Film 1.45 & 3*58 min TV-Series

Year of Production:


Directed by:

Maud Nycander, Kristina Lindström


Fredrik Heinig, Mattias Nohrborg


Niels Paugh Andersen, Andreas Johnsson, Hanna Lejonqvist


Benny Andersson


Guldbagge best editing 2013
Guldbagge best music 2013
Guldbagge, nominated for best documentary, 2013
TV–Kristallen, nominated for best documentary 2013

Produced by:

B-Reel AB

With support by:

The Swedish Film InstituteThe
Danish Film Institute
Nordic Film & TV Fund


Göteborg international filmfestival
Haugesunds filmfestival
Lûbeck filmfestival mm


Scanbox Entertaiment Sweden AB, SVT–sales