Kärlek & Skilsmässa

Kärlek & Skilsmässa
(Love & Divorce)

Premiere at Gothenburg International Film Festival 2022 Selected for Nordic Documentary Award

Maud Nycander examines life's great relationship puzzle in a warming human documentary about two adults who decided that divorce is the only way to continue to feel love. In the early 2000s, Maud Nycander made a film about the couple Lena and Johan. Two young people who fell in love with lightning and had children within a year of meeting. When Maud now returns to them, they have been together for 25 years, have three more or less grown children and are in the middle of a separation. Through charming flashbacks to the turbulent toddler years just after the turn of the millennium and reflections on the contemporary relationship in transformation, a unique depiction of one of life's great commitments is created - lifelong love. But how do you continue life without your other half? How should children react and can a separation be the only way for love to survive?

- Annie Karlsson GIFF

Biopremiär 8 april 2022
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